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While the initial plan for the historic building at 66 State Street in Portland was to convert it to market rate condominiums, Developers Collaborative's Kevin Bunker began a conversation with the non-profit Amistad, a current tenant of the building. Recognizing the great need in to community to help women experiencing homelessness, Bunker shifted plans to partner with the group and create a Single Room Occupancy lodging facility for women in recovery with Amistad providing management, programming and access to treatment and recovery services for tenants. The complete renovation of the building will result in 38 individual units with a common gathering, cooking areas and bathrooms on each floor. The 66 State project is actually a rare example of anti-gentrification – and thus a prime example of de-concentrating poverty and expanding housing and economic opportunities. Phase II of the project will feature a new building next door with an additional 30 full rental apartments, all permanently affordable.

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