Osprey Circle

Osprey Circle, South Portland

Osprey Circle is DC’s sixth straight successful MaineHousing affordable housing finance application, and continues to represent industry best practices given the changing criteria at the state agency.  In 2012 an emphasis was placed on low cost projects, so DC decided to change tack.  After four years of award winning historic projects, it was time to show what could be done with the fewest total dollars possible. While there were some examples of nominally efficient projects, DC felt it could be done far better. The result is Osprey Circle, a pair of decidedly handsome yet wickedly efficient buildings housing a total of 48 affordable 55+ units.

The site itself is the last residential phase of Brick Hill and is actually the re-imagination of the second phase of Heron Cove Condominiums, which stalled out in 2008.  The site overlooks the Fore River and has access to all of Brick Hill’s open space as well as a semi-public dock.  DC also used its own resources to provide bus service on site to its tenants several times per day in order to access the entire Portland Metro without a car.

Osprey Circle began construction in May 2013, making it a total of only 4 months from Notice to Proceed to groundbreaking, one of the most efficient housing projects in recent memory in terms of development time.  It is scheduled to be complete in early 2014.


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