Crescent Heights is an innovative DC project employing smart growth principles. Specifically, it was designed to work within existing infrastructure, to provide world class housing for people near their work, and to have as little environmental impact as possible.

Located in Portland’s historic West End next to Maine Medical Center, Crescent Heights specifically addressed the state’s needs to combat the shortage of future physicians in the state by providing housing and work-life balance to students studying their trade at the hospital. Also, neighborhood concerns such as institutional expansion, on street parking, local traffic flow, and the stability of the housing market were at the forefront during the design.

The 11 units house 44 medical students and residents and was Maine’s first multi-family LEED Platinum certified building. The facility uses 37% less energy than current standards, is built with sustainable materials and has a reduced carbon footprint. Maine products were used wherever possible, and the entire design team was composed of local professionals. All Maine artwork punctuates colorful walls and corridors, creating an atmosphere that is at once the leading edge of technology and sustainability while capturing what is best about the quality of life and place in our state.